Your Complete Guide to Events During Pandemic

Corona virus was initially found in animals and was very common, however, in the year 2019 it started spreading in humans in the province of Wuhan of China. From there, it started spreading from person to person to the point that it spread worldwide. It proved to be deadly for a lot of people as they lost their lives, however, there were some who recovered from it. There is no specific cure for it, you need to isolate yourself and if your condition worsens, then you can seek medical attention to ease the symptoms. That being said, the pandemic has affected the world in many ways. The whole world suffered physically, mentally, and financially. But even so, people adjusted to the changes and even now events are being held in the midst of a pandemic. But there are many things to be careful about when hosting an event now. If you are interested in learning more about holding events during this pandemic, then this complete guide to events during pandemic is what you need to read.

The basic SOPs that are followed all over the world in this time of crisis include wearing a face mask so that your nose and mouth are covered, sanitizing yourself before and after going to any place, and maintaining a distance from one another when out in public. Take Cornell University for instance, whenever possible it is necessary to stay home so a lot of universities and schools decided to go for virtual classes and many businesses asked their workers to work from home. While it may seem like a lot of trouble, it is better to be safe than sorry. We all need to work together to fight off the virus.

By Titan

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