Search out the top schools in Noida

This metropolitan city provides every one of the amenities of a contemporary society. A good amount of schools, colleges and universities are there in Noida, which are a great place of social brilliance. Education embraces the key to economic development, social change, modernization and public integration. In its general sense is a type of learning where knowledge, abilities, and propensities for a gathering of people are transferred starting with one generation then onto the next through teaching, preparing, research. It has a determinative in transit one reflects, acts or feels. There are numerous top schools in Noida which are at high level wise.

Step by Step School

Step by Step is known for its new approaches to learning, its professional development center to upgrade abilities of the faculty and its special needs educational office. The school has aced the ‘extra-curricular activities’, ‘singular attention to students’, ‘life abilities education’ and ‘innovative teaching’ parameters.

Amity International school

Located on a rambling 15-acre campus, the school has topped the ‘academic meticulousness’ category yet once more. The school likewise has enviable sports facilities and provides riding and tennis academies and a shooting range. It uses to have the second-highest marks for the ‘value for money’ and ‘extra-curricular activities’ parameters.

Delhi Public school

Delhi Public school is one of the leading CBSE school in Noida. Established in the year of 1982, DPS Noida use to berecognised for its outstanding academic record, its immense infrastructure and its commitment to co-curricular activities. It has the second-highest scores in the ‘competence of teachers’ and ‘social responsibility’ categories, and stands third on the ‘academic thoroughness’ and ‘sports’ parameters.

Apeejay School

Spread through 15 acres, the school use to have good substructure for sports, comprising cricket and football fields and badminton and basketball courts. Apeejay School use to have ranked top the ‘sports’ parameter. Equipped with a 1,200-seater hall, the school stands second in the ‘parental support’ category.

Lotus valley international

Spread over 12.5 acres, this school brags of state-of-the-workmanship infrastructure, including media centers and cafeterias for students. Obviously, it has topped on ‘infrastructure and facilities’ and ‘safety and hygiene’ parameters. The school has become stronger of 2,450 students in a limited ability to focus time.

Balbharti school

Activities under the cosmology, mechanical technology and environment clubs make the school interesting. The Interact club is involved in different outreach activities, earning the school the high level on the ‘social responsibility’ parameter. It has likewise performed well in the ‘value for money’ and ‘innovative teaching’ categories.

Shri slam millenium school

A joint enterprise between the promoters of the Shriram gathering of schools and Educomp, the school has started initiatives like writer’s workshop, ‘sharing time’ and ‘circle time’ where students are able to talk about philosophies. Appropriately, the school use to rank second in the ‘innovative teaching’ and ‘parental cooperation’ categories.

Vishwa Bharti School

Set up in 1989, the school is spread over 6.64 acres which houses three assembly rooms, a library stocked with 25,000 books and savvy study halls. With its emphasis on Indian values and local area service, the school has the second-highest scores in the ‘value system’ and ‘parental interest’ categories.

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