Want to know about the most successful career life of Assia Djebar

Djebar was adopted the pen name Assia Djebar into her first novel published in 1957. The name of such novel was La Soif. The meaning of this name was The Thirst. This novel was published in English as The Mischief. This novel tells a westernised young woman’s story especially growing up in Algeria. All famous works of Djebar were translated into over 20 languages. If you are willing to know the lives of women residing in the rural Algerian town especially in the resistance movement, then you can prefer and read the children of New World which was published in 1962.

The most outstanding novels and other works

In the Academie Francaise, Djebar was the 5th women to be elected in 2005. She held the French literature professor position at the New York University. She was the popular filmmaker and play writer. She won so many awards for her extraordinary work. Some of these awards are the peace prize of the Frankfurt Book Fair, international prize of Palmi, and the International critics’ prize. She received the international literary Neustadt prize. Djebar was not being celebrated due to different reasons like she had brought some exotic treats and eloquent imagination. 

The novel Algerian White by Assia Djebar was inspired by the murders of 3 persons who close to her namely her brother-in-law, a playwright, and a sociologist, and a psychiatrist. She wrote for their last moments. As a female author in the complex Arab world, Djebar revealed that she was not a symbol. Her only activity includes writing. She used her culture and collects so many imaginary worlds like many writers to provide the best-in-class novels and other works. She was survived by her daughter namely Jalila. Walid Garn was her husband. She collaborated with him on the play Rouge L’Aube in 1969.

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